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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Observing Sweden - Crayfish Parties

Strange Swedish Customs

It’s Swedish Crayfish party time again. Most of the crayfish come from China, which in itself is strange, and a bit scary. Swedish crayfish are considered a delicacy and very expensive . 

There's still much to learn, but this is only my 3rd party. I can manage to open the main section of the crayfish, but claws . . . forget about it. It’s like trying to skin an armadillo.  I know enough of the drinking songs to hum along, and am expert at drinking. Participants are required to wear funny hats, sing songs, and drink as much as possible.

Below see rare photo of myself and Patrik, my famous son-in-law, a  Heavy Metal vocalist and songwritter (Civil War & Astral Doors). 

See youtube video below for more information than you may want to know.

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