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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dog Daze - 5

E  A 2- Fixed A 

I’m trying to make friends with Amber and she seems open to the idea. We were discussing our trips to the vet yesterday, and my grandparents' rat hunting skills. She’s been trying to help me understand Swedish politics, which isn't easy. I wrote this poem for her today.

It’s as simple as that
said the much learned cat.
She had quite a fine coat
and refused to hunt rats.
We talked about doctors
and trips to the vet.
I’ve had my first shots
but they’re not yet the last yet.
What about the Iron Curtain?
I asked her today.
Will it ever come down
so we’re able to play?
I suppose that it might
if that’s what we want
but until that day comes
We’ll live with detente.

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