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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Amber's Cat Show Comments

Amber Cat Show 
Amber’s Cat Show Comments

I swore I’d never to another cat show. I really don’t approve of that sort of exploitation, but it was a slow day, Bucks was sleeping, as usual, and there was nothing better to do. Some of the contestants looked over fed if you ask me.

Cat Show 1

Cat Show - 2 
Look at him. He’s bigger than Brazil!

Cat Show - 9 
I had a talk with this one. Her name’s Lulu. She was kind of cute, just a kid really. “I flew in from Germany,” she told me. “Threw up on the plane. It was an awful trip. Show business isn’t easy, but I am well taken care of. I get bratwurst for breakfast and spend afternoons by the pool listening to Beethoven . . . mostly sonatas and string quartets.”

Cat Show - 10 
This is Lulu’s mom ― the cat I mean. Her name is Francis. Don’t know what her servant’s name is.

Cat Show - 3

Here’s one of the winners. Go figure. He looks weird if you ask me. I tried to get an interview, but he was very stuck up. Wanted three sardines just for talking to me, and started running on about photo rights. I told him, forget about it. A lot of these show cats have overgrown egos.

Cat Show - 6
Molle also had a high opinion of herself, and wouldn’t talk to me.

Cat Show - 4
This is one of the happy humans tripping out after a big win.

Cat Show -7
Some of the humans were fun to look at.

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