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Friday, July 11, 2014

Observing Sweden – Allsång

 Flier Fixed


        Last weekend was another Swedish first for me. Wife talked me into going to this sing-along which is really not my sort of thing, but I went along with it. This sort of thing is popular in Sweden. They have them on TV. Crowds of thousands, ecstatically happy, laughing, singing . . . having a good time. It’s weird. They don’t do this in America. Last time I remember was in my pre-teens. Movies used to begin with words and music on the screen. “Follow the bouncing ball,” it read. A little white ball would bounce along over the words so singers would know where they were with the lyrics. I don’t remember anyone ever singing, but someone may have. By the mid-forties the bouncing ball was a thing of the past, but people still have fun with it here. Almost 5,000 attended this gig. Photo above shows the crowd beginning to show up. People brought camp chairs, drinks and snacks. Cold drinks, coffee and pastries were sold.

       The show was led by Lasse Berhagen, who is famous and much loved in Sweden. Guest performers included Emmy Lou & the Rhythm Boys.


The poster scared me, but she wasn’t bad. The event seemed pretty corny to my American taste, but a good time was had by all, including me – which is saying a lot since I still speak almost no Swedish. It was fun.
(My next language class starts next month)

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