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Friday, May 9, 2014

Bucks Reviews Bruno Liljefors

 Bruno Liljefors was an artist from Uppsala, Sweden. He died in 1939 which is too bad because he was pretty good at painting cats. He was best known for his ability to show animals in their environment. 

Cat Basking in Sun
This reminds me of Amber, who also likes to do that. I’m not into sunbathing myself. I’m more of a nighttime cat.

Sleeping Jeppe
 I think Jeppe lived with Bruno. He did several paintings of Jeppe, who doesn’t look like the brightest cat in the yard, but this is a nice painting.

Cat Stalking Mouse

Cat With Bird
Bruno liked to hunt and did a lot of ‘predator and prey’ paintings which make me a bit uneasy. I’m a vegetarian myself, though not adverse to a little sushi now and again. A grim quality entered his work in the nineteenth century. Some critics think this was the result of turmoil in his life. He left his wife, Anna, and took up with her younger sister, Signe. Artists often do stuff like that. He was short of money a lot of the time, which is also something many artists have in common. This darker quality in his paintings attracted interest from the frogs, and some of his work exhibited at the Paris Salon.

Landscape With Bullfinches
He painted a lot of birds that weren’t dead yet. I like this one a lot. It seems to show some Japanese influence, but I don’t think he ever went there.

Portrait of Father
This one’s nice. Kind of an impressionistic Norman Rockwell.

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