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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Observing Sweden - Christmas Eve at son-in-law's house

A time for presents here. The most surprising gift I received was a can of Surströmmings Filéer, something you eat . . . or maybe not.


When I began to open the can people started screaming, “No! Not in the house!”
It seems this stuff has a bit of an odor. One of the relatives opened a can in his apartment and was evicted the following day. True story. You are supposed to eat it outdoors. “Some people don’t like it,” I was told. “Norrlanders (Northern Sweden) love it,” they said, and suggested breaking a cigarette into two parts and sticking the halves up my nose. “That will help.” 

The English translation for this delicacy is posted in Google as: Fermented Herring. 
I can’t wait.

My second surprise of the evening was being turned on to, The Swedish Elvis – Eilert Pilarm. If you do not already own a collection of his work I strongly suggest you give a listen to his interpretation of Jail House Rock. I guarantee you have never heard anything like it.
He can be found on Youtube.

Ahhh, these Swedes.

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