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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Amber Goes to Kat Show

Cat Amber Big Chair 

Well, today has really been something. The servants took me to a cat show. It was right next door, so I agreed to go even though I disapprove of this sort of thing.

The grooming displays were interesting.


There were lots of other accessories as well. They bought me a new cat bed, which I will probably never use, but whatever.

When we were done shopping we took a look around. It was weird. There were all kinds of kats, but no Scottish Folds, of course. A Scot would never participate in one of these things. Here’s one I saw. No idea what breed.


The contestants were constantly being fussed with.

Some of them were totally weird. Just look at this guy. 

Kats in cages . . . Like I said, I’m totally against these shows. For one thing there’s the privacy issue. Strangers everywhere gawking at you. A few of the contestants were given some bathroom privacy, but not many.


And the inspections they were forced to endure . . .  Unbelievable. 
Just look at this. I was embarrassed to be there!


This is what it was all about . . . these stupid metal things. 
I guess you’re supposed to eat out of them, or maybe they hold water.

Humans are nuts!

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