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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Observing Sweden 30 May 2013

A Moving Miracle

This is so strange. I have this ficus plant I’ve raised from a sprig . . . had it for over twenty-five years and days of torturing and twisting when it was young. (There is a name for this plant twisting I can’t remember.) I guess it sounds crazy but I really love this plant . . . had it for such a long time, an everyday companion tenderly cared for.  So when we were shipping our stuff from Seattle I trimmed off the largest branches and packed it in a box with bubble wrap and gave it a last shot of water and a short prayer. I assumed it would die but thought I would give it a fighting chance. It had survived some hard times before, but nothing like what was coming up. I decided if it died I would cut it up and make a sculpture out of the twisted bottom. To my total amazement when I opened the box here in Sweden it was in about the same condition as when I packed it! This after ten weeks at sea in a totally dark and cold container, through the Panama canal and out into the Atlantic which had to be near freezing a lot of the time – early March when in left.
It is now happy at thriving and putting out new leaves.

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