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Monday, March 18, 2013

Money Matters

Oh boy, does it ever, and we’re bleeding cash like financial hemophiliacs. So hard to keep from buying things that we need and already own but are at sea.

Good, Bad and Ugly:

Good - The Swedish kroner is the strongest currency in use today - totally solid.

Bad - The exchange rate for dollars drops a little more each day. Current rate is about 6.3 kroner to the dollar.
Was 6.5 not long ago.

Ugly - The reason of course is U.S. politics. When will the madness end?

More things that make cents:

There’s a deposit on plastic bottles here, about fifteen cents on a litter bottle of Coke. One also pays for plastic bags at the grocery store.

Grocery store shopping carts: 

The lines of parked shopping carts are locked together. You have to but a coin in a box attached to each individual cart in order to remove one. The coin gets stuck in the slot and stays there until the cart is returned, then it can be removed. I have yet to see an abandoned cart left on a street or sidewalk here.

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