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Friday, October 26, 2012

Buckminster & Amber - 7

I’ve taken Amber’s window seat while she’s upstairs taking her afternoon nap.
I’ve been watching Tom.

            Just look at him. Not a care in the world. Just lounging around, looking for birds no doubt and sitting on my human’s car! No sense of propriety. Poor breeding I suspect. God only knows who his parents were. He’s not much to look at and skinny, but seems agile enough. Sometimes I see him on the fence in my backyard, hanging around the bird feeders. My servants chase him away when they see him, but he has the whole neighborhood to explore and does so every day. It’s like he thinks he owns it. Free as the wind he is. Free to smell the green grass, chase mice and do whatever he wants. I’ve even seen him on the rooftop of the house across the street. It’s no big deal, but Amber thinks he’s very daring, a real cavalier. He even wears white high-top boots on his hind legs. A poser if there ever was one . . . show off.
            I’m so tired of living in this empty house. You want to know what life is like for me? Take a look at this.

They’ve even taken the rugs way.
            “Go sit on the cat tree,” Amber says. “It has nice soft carpeting.”
            I’m tired of cat trees. I want a real tree. I want my claws to grow sharp, and most of all I want to be free . . . but without missing too many meals. I’m twice the size of Tom and probably outweigh him by at least three pounds. I could be boss of the neighborhood. A few big dogs pass by once in a while but they are always on a leash which is as it should be. They are so compliant and outrageously obedient. They fetch! Go get the ball Rover. It makes me sick. Don’t like my attitude? Get a dog, that’s what I say.
            I’ve been watching the laundry room window. It was closed last night, but sooner or later I’m getting out of here.
                        Free to explore the world at will
                        Inhale the multitudinous scents as yet unknown
                        And fill
                        My cup of life with freedom!

            Tom has seen me watching him and gives me a surly look. I’m going to take that look and shove it up your tail, Tom. Just you wait. The big cat’s on his way!

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