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Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Stockholm – Summer 2017     Photo by Madison Kutuhn

Ha! So happy. Got rejections for a group of poems I thought sure would be accepted— at least one . . . Three month wait.   Then this, six hours later, made my day.

Dear Bruce:
Congratulations! Your work, Seeking America, will appear in the 2017 issue of So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library.
You will have the opportunity to read/display/discuss your work at our journal release event on Saturday, November 11, 2017, at noon at the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library, 340 N. Senate Avenue, Indianapolis. This event is part of our annual VonnegutFest, so you may want to check our website at (updates coming soon) to determine other interests you may have during those days. We know you are living in Sweden, so it may not be possible to travel. While we cannot pay for anyone’s travel or a speaking fee, we will provide you with a free copy of the 2017 issue, whether you are able to attend or not. This will be shipped in late November.
Let us know if you plan to attend in November.

Thank you, again, for submitting your work to us. It was a pleasure to review such diverse and interesting material.
All the best,

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