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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Swedish Small Town Wedding

Went to a very nice Swedish small town wedding for a couple in their mid-sixties today.

Saw this thing as we drove into the church parking lot. Could not guess what it was. Turned out to be a bell tower. I guess it shapes the sound to go downward. When the bell went off I could feel the vibrations in my toes.
This woman is dressed in a county costume. Each county has one, dating back to a time before the industrial revolution. They are never changed, always in style and considered to be correct form for attending any special occasion - weddings, funerals or visiting the king.

This is a photo of the wedding, standing at left is a choir, on the far right a soloist with a wonderful voice. The priestess - in white - is at the left of the couple. She also had a great outfit, but I missed getting a good shot of her.

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